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Marketing Automation

The Best Companion for Today’s Online Customer Journey

Marketing Automation is kind of like a magical, targeting bullhorn. You send out a message, and it reaches the right prospects at precisely the right time. It’s absolutely instrumental in establishing your brand’s reputation at key points in your customers’ buying cycle, and with the right content paired with the right channels (like email marketing, blog content, special offers, etc), you can easily usher them through the 5 phases in the sales funnel: attract, convert, close, delight, promote.

Customer Centric Marketing … at its best!

By creating relevant content that your prospects search for, you help to create informed consumers, establish yourself as a credible resource, find new customers, and set yourself apart from the rest of your competition. Plus, a solid marketing automation strategy is great for supplementing your SEO campaigns!

The goal of marketing automation is to broaden your sales funnel by engaging with the right marketing tactics throughout the entire journey from a stranger to visitor to qualified lead to customer to become a promoter of your business. The following steps follow the funnel as shown above:

  1. Attract strangers with great content like blogs, via search engines with search engine optimization or paid search advertising and via social media marketing
  2. Convert visitors to known leads with call-to-action throughout the website, blog, social accounts and emails to landing pages with great content and forms. Offer downloadable content like e-books, whitepapers and have visitors leave their name and email address.
  3. Close leads and get customers by sending lead targeted, automated emails to drive leads through your buying cycle; engage in dedicated sales activities based on detailed lead intelligence.
  4. Delight customers to become promoters for your business targeted email, web and social media engagements.

When your business grows it becomes virtually impossible to maintain 1:1 relationships with potential customers. Through marketing automation, we are able to nurture visitors, building increasingly deeper and more meaningful interactions with all who are interested in your products and services.

Marketing automation is the great equalizer for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to keep your customers (or potential customers) deeply engaged through meaningful and ongoing communication that resonates and influences. These days, marketing automation is a must-have for competitive businesses.

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