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Over 83 percent of the world’s online population has now made a purchase online

In 2016 the US eCommerce volume represented 11.7% of total retail sales and drove close to 42% of all retail growth. Amazon the leader in eCommerce gained the bulk of the 2016 growth. However, eCommerce is not only for the large online stores, it is gaining more and more traction on regional and local markets. People have become very comfortable moving money around the Internet and this is an opportunity to address.


By implementing a cost-effective eCommerce solution, you open your business to new growth opportunities in your local market or perhaps even new markets. Using the Internet and eCommerce, you can reach beyond your current customer base and operate 24/7.

eCommerce offers a real opportunity to generate revenue 24/7. Your store is always open!

You’ll be surprised how many unrecognized opportunities lie in the use of eCommerce technology, be it on a global, nationwide or local level. Your Napa based WSI team has developed eCommerce solution for the global market as well as the local Napa Valley market.

To learn more, contact your Napa based website experts at (707) 681-5096 or click here
Take full advantage of your online business with WSI.