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Digital Advertising

An efficiently-managed digital advertising campaign has been proven to drive leads and increase sales, but only if the money is well-spent. WSI can help you find your best options, identifying key markets and investing in scientifically-backed advertising methods. With so many potential outlets and methods of generating online leads, how does a company know which ones to embrace? Watch this video below with 5 steps to increase leads and sales with digital advertising:

        1. Identifying the Right Search Criteria

The cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign is targeting. Learn everything you can about your target audience.  Among your criteria, look for their:

        • Keyword use
        • Preferred websites
        • Age
        • Gender
        • Income
        • Location
        • Outside Interests

These criteria will guide your choices, both in media outlets as well as advertising presentation.

        1. Advertising On Appropriate Online Outlets

There’s a simple rule to picking the right ad networks for your advertising: Go where your customers are. Use the criteria you deduced in step one to identify the websites which are most likely to contain qualified leads, and make those your top priority.

Don’t neglect online video. 72 percent of ad agencies consider it as effective as TV ads, and it’s less expensive!
        1. Put Campaign Tracking in Place

Your online ads should be backed by a data-gathering system capable of tracking where your leads are coming from, and how many of them convert. From YouTube videos, to pay-per-click ads, to email offers, you can track every ad and every customer response.

Unlike offline advertising, you can know the true effectiveness of every campaign in great detail.
        1. Utilizing Split (A/B) Testing

It’s easy to set up a website or ad hosting system to randomly display one of two different ads to each visitor. This is an excellent way to quickly gauge which approaches and messaging are most effective with your audience. By tracking the response rates to each competing ad, you learn which your customers prefer.

        1. Measure, Improve, Repeat

As with all areas of digital marketing and outreach, you should never rest on your laurels. Keep tracking your response rates and lead conversion, and keep trying out new methods in hopes of finding even more effective messages. It takes the guesswork out of your online advertising.

WSI brings a combination of research, tracking, and continuous improvement, allowing your company to achieve ever-greater returns on your online advertising investments.

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