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Search Engine Optimization

You could have the best website in the world, however if potential customers can’t find you on the Internet, you do not exist.

Over the years Google and other search engines have invested billions of dollars to enhance the user experience ensuring that people find relevant information during their searches. You cannot afford to get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wrong as it can easily have an exponentially negative impact on your business. If a digital agency promises your company first page Google rankings in a few weeks – our advice is to ‘run’ and fast. With Google updating their search algorithm roughly 500-600 times per year; agencies will not outsmart or ‘beat’ the algorithm. If Google suspects you’re trying to ‘cheat’ the system, your punishment could be digital death – like Al Capone, they will make you disappear.

WSI have great experience orchestrating successful SEO campaigns using AdaptiveSEO™ to support our clients’ businesses. We create compelling content and uniquely refined strategies that can help your organization achieve high visibility online.

Our campaigns combine the following components:

  • Keyword Research

Our Napa SEO consultants delve into your marketplace and pinpoint the keywords your high-value customers use within search queries. This ensures your content attracts qualified visitors and builds high traffic levels.

  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

We harness the latest data analysis tools to look at how your competitors are conducting their campaigns. We learn the value of their SEO work to build a strategy that counters their success. We’ll show you which strategies work and which don’t. And we’ll make sure your content can be found at the top of the search listings.

  • Website Optimization

Our approach to website optimization is second-to-none in the marketplace. We’ll ensure that web crawlers can pick out high value content with ease. We’ll also rebuild the website using an intuitive design that operates flawlessly on mobile platforms. This will guarantee the website is correctly indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Building Domain Authority

A high strength domain can help keep your website at the top of the search rankings over the long-term. We’ll build a strategy that links high value web sources back to your website to help build robust domain authority for your business.

  • Content Strategy

Compelling content is the cornerstone to successful SEO campaigns. Our content creation team has many years of experience and will craft high quality blog posts, articles and press releases that can help your business become a thought leader in the industry.

  • Social Media

Social media has become an ever-more relevant element of SEO campaigns. We build the reputation of your brand across your industry by driving distribution of your content across the various social media platforms. This helps create the signals search engines use to rank organizations for their website and content quality.

  • Measurement & Analysis

We keep a close eye on all campaign data in real-time. As the top Internet marketing company serving Napa businesses, we notice the trends and modify your campaigns based on the latest reports. It’s how we ensure your business is always moving forward and reaching out to new prospects across your marketplace!

Through our refined approach to the SEO process with AdaptiveSEO™, your business can maintain its online reputation and its position on the first page of the search listings!

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